2002 limiter

i have an tre on my 2002 it seems to work just fine she goes to 11000 rpms in 6th gear i took her up yesterday night.......not the smartest time to do it but it did it....also did the small air box mod also im not to sure how much that helps but im gonna seal up my air box were she goes into the fraim and on the other side also and move my ati also to my left airduct its supposed to help the throttle responce .....give it a wirl......it helped on my bike....
I was under the impression that the TRE was supposed to help the Busa in gears 1,2,3 and 6. My brother already took his Busa, no mods to 11000rpm. Since that was without the TRE, that leaves the questions: 1. Does the current TRE work for the Busa? 2. Is it restricted?

From what I understand, you should feel a snappier response in 1,2,3 gears that is noticable. Is that the case with yours Schmud?

Anyone knowledgable on this that can give a definite answer on these questions? I'm going to surf the net for a little while...
Guys you have to rember that 11,000 on the tach is not actual. Just like the odometer is off, so is the tach. The TRE does not affect the lower gears much at all. It does effect them slightly but not 2nd and third. the 01' affects the bike by making it think it is in 5th gear, I am not sure about the 02'.

The point is do not be foolded in thinking that you have a magic Busa that can push to 11,000 RPM and is not restricted. Some serious builders (of which I am not one) have tested the restrictions for a long time.
one of these days when i get a gps and enough time i will try it again to let ya know.........but it did improve 1st gear though i can speek for that much
thanks for the info. I found a product called G Pak which is similar to thr T R E in the new lockhart phillips catalog. I ordered one wednesday. My bike pulls hard right up to 10,5 in 5th and 10 flat in 6th. This G Pak is suppose to take care of that problem. and let it pull till the motor runs out of power. I thought about trying a t R E but i heard it makes the bike think it is in 5th instead of 6th. Which wouyld be nice, but since my 02 also has a 5th limiter thanks to the Government, it wouldnt help me much. Will keep you informed of progress. I have done the smal box mod and put in a K&N filter for now. Will be sealing air box tubes and installing a Micron pipe soon. Have to get a couple cars done first before I get my turbo.

Thanks again and on with the 200MPH quest. Friend has a zx12r with muzzy big bore kit and the works. muzzy claims 210 mph with it. I have been close to topping his 12 out, but ran out of road. Darn old blacktop roads in the country. cant let the kawy beat me :hammerhead: