TRE for 2002


Ok, I know I have read about this on this board, but I can't find the thread. Anyway, does the TRE work as advertised on the 2002 model? If not, is their another alternative to unrestriciting the 02. Im more interested in the smoother power delivery as advertised on the Hayabuszone website than top end.

On the old website I posted that I did the G-PACK from NIKKO and it works as advertised. I have a 2002.
Sorry I didn't read your whole post:

The G-pack does destrict but it idles a little ruff like a top fuel dragster(hahahaha). throttle response is great but it will take a little time to get use to it.

hope that helps
FatJap, I found a Web Page that listed the G-Pack, but it was only for an 01 model. I found nothing listed on an 02 model. Could you provide me the WebSite that has a G-Pack for the 02 model?

I have the TRE on my '02. Big difference in throttle response in low gears,
Idles a bit rough, I like that... sounds like a big-block with a high lift cam...

But I don't know if it derestricts. From what I have read, it does not because the '02 ecu restricts 5th gear also, which is what the TRE makes it think it is in 5th gear. To me, no biggie as I don't plan on going that fast.
I do, however like to go fast in a hurry. Just got my 16tooth sprocket today. Gonna slam that puppy on before dark, I hope. If I can ever get out of work!
GOSH!!!!!! I know 194 is nothing but it really's not 200
............................................sumthi'n about a number..
imagine going 100 mph over 100 mph..kinda magical !YEA!
N.E. Let us know when you got there..
Oh btw..way narisccus.[sic]..wrote an article how to make a switchable tre, which i did..sitting at a stoplight..flip the switch= equals smooth idle..yea...resistor and switch..a little soldering..some wire and shrink tubing ..all is at radio shack..20 dollars..or so.
the mph speed is not the concern of the restriction. It is the rpm's. 10500 is the restricion by the ecu. the 2002 model restricts rpm's in 5th and 6th gears. the 2001 only restricts 6th gear. The TRE tricks the ecu into thinking it is in 5th gear. Thus, works fine on the 2001, but not on the 2002.

quote from - "The TRE will disable the speed limiter on the 2001 GSXR1000 and 2001 GSX1300R. This due to the fact that the ECM does not see the 6th gear ignition map, which has an earlier rev-limiter."

If someone's special TRE eliminates the rev-limiter on an '02 busa, then it does not create the 5th gear resistance. It is telling the ecu it is in 4th. If that is the case, then I apologize for my mistake. 99% of TRE's out there read 5th gear resistance. Any TRE that eliminates the 2002 is not using the 6th or 5th gear resistance.

Obviously you didn't read the links and the resulting RPM's on the dyno.

Ivan has addressed this question on but the post was lost on the last server crash.

The reason I put his link there was so he could be contacted and asked personally as the inventor of the TRE. I think that information of the web page is out of date.

Quote from:

"On my stock 2002 busa with 17/40 gears, hindle pipe, bmc air filter, ivans tre the bike pulled to 197 MPH on the dyno at about 11,500."
obviously you didn't read my post. hope this doesn't turn into an "obviously you didnt..." post....

I stated the standard TRE uses the 5th gear resistor, and that I did not see anywhere what Ivan's TRE uses. It could be the 4th gear resistor, which would work.

Let me make this easier, WHAT is the resistance in Ivan's TRE?
Let me make this easier, WHAT is the resistance in Ivan's TRE?
No let me make this easier.

Do your own research, I have done mine. You seem to have all the answers and consequently won't believe anything you read here.
Contact Ivan ( I have, again, 5 minutes ago) and ask him the question yourself. He said he needs to update the web page.
Ivan's Rockland County Motorcycle
1630 RT. 202
Pomona, NY, 10970
You may also be incorrect about how the ECU limits function.

The 99-00 ECU retarded the timing in all gears but 5th-6th. The TRE for those years makes the ECU think it is in 6th gear, hence removing the timing retard. (99-00 TRE uses a 6th gear resistor for all gears) Those years the ECU had no restriction on RPM in 6th.

The 01-02 ECU restricts the RPM in 6th gear so it consequently restricts to top speed. The TRE makes the ECU think it is in 5th gear so the RPM can go above 10,500. (00-01 TRE uses 5th gear resistor). I also believe the maps in the 02 are slightly different.

In the early Busa years (99-00) the riders in the UK discovered that better performance could be had by using the 5th gear resistor and were using that instead of the 6th gear resistor from day one. I took their word for it as I haven't tried it.


This topic has been beat to death on LaBusas and Go to either site and do searches on "TRE 02" or better yet call Ivan. Like I said, his response (which I read) addressing this issue on was lost.

If you won't take my word for any of this, just call Ivan. That's what I do when I disagree about some issue. Just go straight to the well. In this case Ivan, the inventor.


To everyone else yes Ivan's TRE works on the 02 Busa.
the ATRE supposedly shows 4th gear. Haven't talked to anyone using it so don't know for sure just yet. Although that would get rid of the restrictions
MilleniumFalcon, I did not intend for this to turn into a 'he said, she said' post, and for that I apologize.

I did my research. That is why I decided to do the TRE mod on my '02 Busa, not for delimiting speed, but for the increased low gear performance.

I'm sure all this has answered Stealth Busa's question.
Thanks for the info, Falcon. Peace.