2002 speed limiter


hello pepole just picked up a 02' busa does anyone know how to do away with the speed limiter on the 02's. any info would be very helpful, thanks!
That is currently still up in the air. The TRE apparently does not work this year. Give it a month or two, someone is bound to crack it.

I'd probably be able to pin it down myself, the only problem, no '02 handy.
Hey Narc, Come up to OK and you can use my 02 to find the limiter problem...........
Not sure if I want to lug a bunch of test equipment up there and prod away all day.

We really need a theory as to the device used to limit. So far, no one has seemed to dig into this, and if they have, they haven't said anything.

The GPS has been ruled out, although it still effects timing retardation in 1st through 3rd. The speedo doesn't seem to be source as it is with the ZX12R.

If the GPS is no longer used, the CKPS and CMPS signals probably aren't a part of the limiting circuit. My guess would be a signal direct from speed sensor.

Anyone have a 2001 wiring diagram... or better yet, have access to a 2002 wiring diagram? Not necessary, but would help a bit in finding differences in the sensors.
There's a short article on page 17 of 3/02 Performance Bikes. Something about the restrictor and resistance in 1rst 2nd and 3rd gears. Way out of my ballpark-maybe Narc knows the theory. Anyway,Dyno Speed Developments in Essex, England apparently has the solution. It's already fast enough for me.