Settle An Argument Please


Ok guys, hopefully someone here can settle an argument on the 03 busa's. A friend of mine is just brought an 03, and the sales man told him that there were only 10 imported into the US. I am telling him that the saleman is smoking something and so is he for believing him. So does anyone know where I can get some import numbers and dates on the 03? Thanks
Good question, I've been asking the same thing about the all black 02 LE that I bought last August. Hope somebody comes forward with some numbers. Good luck!
I am not sure the numbers that are in the states. There are by far more than 10 way far. There were at least 2 - 4 Busa's in each Suzuki dealership that i been to here in the bay area alone and i am sure the same goes for other states.

That sales man is smokin major crack and I take it that he is trying to stiff you for the full price of the bike if not more.
I got my 02 in japan and when I ordered it I asked Doc Suda if there was going to be a problem. He smiled and laughed. He said the amount of Hayabusa's a dealership gets is dependent on the amount of sport bikes that dealer moves. I said really, how do you know. One of his family members works for the exporter in the factory. Thats how I got my canadian spec in japan in 4 days from the factory.

Hope this answers the question. Maybe this dealer is on the bottom of the food chain.
When I was shopping around there was at least 2 '02's left and 2 '03's on the sales floor when I called up the dealerships. These dealerships were in Salt Lake. My local dealer had only one 03 on the sales floor but, he is only a small dealer and deals mostly R6's and R1 and little GSXR's. I asked him if he could order in a different color and he stated that if I wanted something else he could get it. Your salesman must be on crack. If it's any good have him


By the way, how much is he trying to gouge your friend for one of only 10 in the country?
tell your friend to run very quickly to another dealer. He will surely get a bad deal at that location
a ga-jillion?
??? I don't think anyone knows. Unless you work R and D at Suzuki.

YEP the dealer is trying to sandbag your friend..... Thats the thing that would make me buy from another dealer all together
What else does that dealership sell? Whizzers and John Deere riding mowers? 03's are readily available but dealers who move product do get first dibs. I bought my 02 Silver for $9800 out the door with 0 miles. They had 3, 03's on the floor and one 02 SE (it was spoken for but I'm sick of cleaning fingerprints anyway) You should shop around and don't let the local dealer bend you over.