Dad's doing chemo, so....

prayers sent.

not to make light of it, but there is a sayin I use ...that God only made a select few perfect heads...and all the ones he effed up, he covered with hair:beerchug:
I hope the chemo works:please:

Dr E

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The smallest geastures make the biggest impressions. Your a good son and your dad will be proud of you.


Your family has been added to our prayer list!
Thanks for the good vibes from all. My Dad is overwhelmed to the compassion shown by this board, and my friends. He even sent me a very heart felt thank you. I couldn't read it with out getting all mushy. :beerchug:

A nefew of mine also shaved his head to show his support for his Grandpa.

Chemo is going pretty rough. The good thought and prayers are making it more tollerable.


No training wheels?
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Sorry for the rough time with the Chemo. Some people, I guess, tolerate it better than others. Keep up the positive thoughts. I am sure the support you are showing him will give him the strength to fight this demon. Continued prayers for a speedy healing.

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