Custom Leathers


Ok at 5'7 most leather suits are too long in the legs. So I'm gonna break down and and have some made to fit if i can't find a set. Anyone know who sells or makes leathers to size?:super: Thanks
Vanson Bro...Pricey but from what I have heard they rock quality wise and performance wise... And they have a whole kit you can order to pick colors and get sized etc.  First class operation....

Check out, in there somewhere you can order the Vanson...Kit for lack of a better word.  It has samples and colors and stuff.  

Just a thought, if I had the bones I would be in vanson right now...
Vanson, Bates, Z's, Barnicle Bill's, D's. They all do custom. Just do a google search under each name and you should get their web addresses
Barnicale Bill's :super:? :D Yeah Barnicle Bill's Lobster Leathers...Claws are extra... :laugh: Oh I crack myself up...

I forgot all about Bates and Z custom... Never have heard of barnicle bill's though, Good Stuff?
went to the vanson factory a month ago and really like their quality ended up buying a jacket. they fit custom leathers even make em for kids! prices can be a little steep but what price do you put on your azz? and i at 5'7 i too cant find pants that fit or the armour is protecting my shin instead of my knee.:(
out here in cali u have z leathers in huntington beach.. its where most of my club members get their leathers done.. and in san clemente (i think) u have njk leathers... what are ur dimensions? im 5'8" 225 and fit into taichi yeah they are a little long but they still work....
Kushitani leathers can be custom-tailored and custom-designed. There is a small write up on Kushitani leathers on page 82 in the October issue of MotorCyclist.
Vanson will even send a rep to a shop that carries them to fit you tech suits have great armor velcro for pucks and are soooooooo thick in leather.But as said earlier,Velociraptor jacket without the armor in can run 620.00 and tech pants around 499.00........Great way to keep ones hide intact though.
Thanks guys I aprreciate all the responses... I'm planning on getting a little more hardcore and adding a couple of track days next season:;):
Thanks guys I aprreciate all the responses... I'm planning on getting a little more hardcore and adding a couple of track days next season:;):
Then you may also want to look at Syed and (especially) Helimot. Both have been track-tested by a number of people I know. I had a chance to use a loaner Helimot, and was very impressed. In fact, I am going in for a fitting when I visist the West Coast on business this October.

I like (and use) Vanson on the street, but I think their track suits are a half-step behind the times.

Barnicle Bill's IS MOST CERTAINLY GOOD. If you can't afford Vanson, you can't afford Barnicle Bill's. Nothing he sells is "off the rack". It is all one-off, custom. Finest there is. Not a big name in the US since he doesn't have a line of off the rack stuff to promote. He is better known in the dirt track arena. Same for D's.
A friend of mine just got back from Korea. He knows of a shop there that makes leathers at very reasonable price. All you have to do is send them a picture of what you want and your measurements. He is going to email me the website. When he does I will post it here.
yeah i miss being stationed in the oreint I take a picture of a suit into my tailor in the morning and have it that evening... VEl's Taylor shop, just across the poop river bridge and down Macsaisai in the Philipines ...Those were the days!
Anyone besides me have Dainese Leathers? I love mine and the pants fit a smaller person pretty well. I have the P 109 pants and I am 5'9" with a 34 inch waist. They would fit a 36 inch waist just fine I think. The armor is from above the knee and all the way down the shin with pucks also. I have the Luce Jacket which zips to the pants to make a very comfortable set of leathers. Very nice armor in the jacket also.

I have a full set of Dainese hanging next to me.Red white and blue.Fast Freddie Spenser model from mid 80s..HUT HUM PROBLEM IS i GOT A LITTLE WIDER IN GURTH LOL.They are mint but arent slotted for internal armor. :withstupid: