Crazy bike man!


I love my new Busa. It's a 2002 Hayabusa (blue). But do u guys think that 16 is too young for me? My dad insured me through connections cause no one wanted to insure me so im happy. My insurance is 11,500$(canadian)!!! What a rip off. I drove a 50cc dirt bike for a few years so I have basic experience (balance, and the general feel for a motorcycle). Can you believe it? Today is my second day and I already hit 285 kph (approx.) I'm crazy! Anyways my question is, I'm interested in turbo, and I was wondering how much the acceleration will be affected and how much a basic turbo will cost. I wanna run in the eight's at the drag when i learn how to race next weekend. Thanks everyone, and happy riding! Take care...

Two words - BE CAREFUL.

Not to lecture you, but I'm gonna
, you're not invinsible. I thought I was at 16, and I did some damn stupid things (125 in my subaru with 15" H rated tires) when I was that age, but I didn't have this beast to get me in trouble.

And yes, I think your crazy
... j/k.

Be careful my man.
Invest in a complete set of leathers, boots ... and your melon is worth more than $80 buy the best helmet u can and hang on boy!

Since you asked:

Get real, don't even think of a Turbo until you become a proficient rider on the Busa that you should not be riding yet.

Now that you have it be careful, learn to ride.
insurance is a rip
thats for sure

they told me it would be 7600 for me lol
i dont have one yet though.

im 18

be safe man..i vote no turbo yet
stay easy on her for a few months. until ur used to riding a sport bike. its a tad different than a 50cc

holly s@*t man i aslo live in Canada and only pay 1200.00$ a year i think the $11 500.00 would have made me buy a different bike especially if the only bike i have ever ridden was a 50cc dirt bike.
but it's your money and skin so all i have to say RESPECT what the bike can and do to you if you push yourself past your limit. take it easy and work your way up to the big speeds after you have gotten to know the bike and how it reacts........ :hammerhead:
Damn, must be nice being young with that much money to throw around.

If it were me, I'd just register the bike and keep basic liability, using the busa strictly for the track and pimp it up for bike shows and what not and get something cheap for the street. Until you turn 21, insurance will be a major money pit. It may go down after six months, provided you don't have any claims or citations, but it's not guaranteed. Personally, I'd limit your use, pay less insurance and invest that money. I today's global economy, 'here today, gone tomorrow' nips everyone in the ass eventually.

Keep the shinny side down.
I would wait on the Turbo for a while get use to the power you have already. A basic turbo kit is about 3500 bucks. Trying to get your busa in the 8 second range at the strip is an expensive proposition,turbo will give you enough power but you will have to purchase and extended swing arm to be able to apply the power without wheeling over backward. You will also need a lockup clutch so the clutch will live and the stock motor will eventually explode in a flaming heep if you continually run that much power to get into the 8 second range just asked stretched he will splain it to you as his is now a flaming heep after running 8 second passes with a turbo on a stock motor..................................Knebnr
I've got to agree with Hawaii. Since you already did it, make the investment in good protective gear (all of it). If your only 16, the stats say that sooner or later you'll kiss mother earth - may as well be prepared
Turbo yes, nitrous definetly. All you have to do is save a 6 month worths of insurance and you will kick some major ass! Go back to school kid it's a lot safer in the long run.