Multi-bike INSURANCE


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Wow, I need to get more bikes. I currently have insurance on a 2001 Suzuki Hayabusa, a 2002 Hayabusa, and a 1993 Harley Fatboy. I called Progressive to get a quote on Liability and Comprehesive (no collision) on my LC4... THEY WILL BE PAYING ME $56!!!! WOW! The fourth bike added a percent discount to those VERY expensive sport bike policies. If I just added liability, it would refund me $100/year. Moral of the story, when I sell my Hog (hopefully soon), I will by any POS bike for next to nothing and add liability to get the $100 savings... CRAZY!
I should add that they also told me if I was carrying FULL coverage on all my bikes, this fourth bike would have saved me nearly $300.... WOW!
Thanks man. I like to keep them all, but I am still not sure. It is a tough call. I can not ride everything, and I have a lot of debt... If the Hog sells, I may keep the rest... When I get the T-bo back, I will reevaluate.