Cortech Tri Bag vs Nelson Riggs on K8

Nate G

I am trying to decide between these two luggage sets and was hoping some of you had some experience with them on the K8 (Or, if I'm really lucky, maybe both. :please:)

I think I'm kind of partial to the Cortech, but I remember reading somwhere that they don't fit the Gen II's as well as they did the Gen I's. These are the items I'm speficially looking at;


TriBag Saddlebags - Cortech :: Luggage :: TriBag Saddlebag

TriBag Tail Bag - Cortech :: Luggage :: TriBag Tail Bag

And either the TriBag Tank Bag -or- the Super 10 liter Tank Bag

Nelson Riggs:

CL 800 Tail Bag -

CL 850 Saddle Bags -

CL 350 Large Tank Bag -

I'd really appreciate any opinions on my choice here. First hand experience with these on a Gen II would be great.

Also, as far as the tank bags, I'm not sure what size to get really, I don't think I want a super big one. That just seems like it would make for an uncomfortable ride. Any thoughts on this would be great too. :thumbsup:

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I'm running the nelson rig bags, cl-450 tank bag, cl-150 sport tail pack, cl-950 saddlebags. Love them. They mount up perfectly with the bike. Been on many trips with all or some and all work very well and I've had them over 160 with no problems. 14k on bike and bags are doing well. Nelson Rig make a great product.
I have all my xm and amplirider items mounted in the tankbag. The expandability is a great feature as well.

2009 030.jpg



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I've been using that Nelson Rigg tank bag for a couple of months now. It was easily the best bike accessory purchase I've ever made. I usually ride with two liters of water, rain gear, camera, a bunch of small items, and the wife's brush and whatever else if she's with me. It's plenty big enough for that stuff, but small enough to stay out of the way. It's also pretty comfortable to lean on if you feel like it.



I'm running the CL-950 Saddlebags with the CL-150 Tailbag and the CL-350 Tankbag. Good quality for the price and a lifetime warranty. The CL-350 is the perfect size for the Busa. Plenty of capacity and compartments but not obtrusive in any way. Great for leaning on. The bags are fairly large but the only time I know they're back there is when I'm behind a semi-the buffeting is worse than normal.



Nate G

Thanks for the pics and insight so far guys. No Cortech/Tourmaster users out there?

I also had one more question that I should have included originally.

I'm not very sure how the fasteners work, but would the bags still hold well if I removed the plastic rear fender and mounted the plate under the tail?

Thanks again, hope to hear from somone with the Cortech as a comparision as well. Surely somone out there is using them.

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