Coolant Leak


Noticed at a regular stop on our regular Sunday run that a about a shot glass of coolant leaked out under my bike just as I stopped. We are fortunate to have a very high speed run of about 20 miles and this occurred when we stopped at the end. I think I noticed a little bubbling in the reserve tank but maybe not. Upon my ride home, about 50 miles, everything seemed fine util I got about a mile from home and my temp hand got within on needle of half way. It normally runs about 4 needles below half. When I shut it off in the garage, it shot out a stream of coolant and pushed up a small cloud of steam.
Before I go in for the autopsy, I thought maybe some of you had been here before.
It's and 07 I bought new with about 24,000 miles. Never had a screw turned on the engine.

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A needle below 1/2 is normal for most Busas... May want to check the thermostat... Pull it out and stick it in a pot of boiling water...see if it opens up.


I'm one to check the simple things first, like the thermostat. But why is it leaking? It never got hot, it leaked under normal temps. I know the water pump is on the left side but the thermostat is about center/rear, if I remember correctly. The way the small steam cloud came out from the right and the stream of spray to the right of the bike, I'm thinking thermo. housing... in that general area anyway.
By the way, oil in the site glass looks as it should. Not like Steak and Shake!


I would take off the fairings and look around and see where it is leaking.
That will help you on your way to fixing it.
It could be something as easy as a hose clamp needing to be tightened.
If some fluid leaks out and air gets into the system, it will cause it to overheat.


The coolant overflow bottle has a overfill hose on it.
May have just shot some in the overfill bottle so hard it discharged a bit.
Wouldnt hurt 2 check but if you ride it under normal conditions + it dont do it again may be no problem.My bike has custom coolant overfill bottle ziptied 2 the swingarm due 2 installing other component were stock 1 is so im able 2 moniter it close.When I DRAGRACE IT SOMETIME spits a little coolant in there no cause 4 concern.

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