Coolant leak


So last night I had added some brake fluid and changed the fleabay clutch levers I had out in a few months ago. So after I was done took her out for a quick ride to make sure everything was working right. Didn't ride real hard just to the gas station and around my little community so I was doing 25-30 never even needed to get out if first gear. I got home and the fan was in and the temp gauge was in the middle. Shut the bike off closed the garage door went in the house. About 30 min later I came out to get a beer in the garage and there was a puddle of fluid under the bike. I threw it up on the stand it had stopped leaking and there was no place I could find it leaking from. So this morning I got up and did pretty much the same thing as last night let it sit and nothing. Did it just get hot last night and spit some out the overflow and is fine or should I be concerned?