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Hand grips are probly the most uncomfortable items on my busie, anyone swap em out for something better? I've seen the gel grips but didnt seem that big of diff. My cousins Harley has the biggest most comfortable grips I've ever felt, but didnt think they fit a busa. However after seeing Rythms pics maybe the fat ones fit... any ideas people?
Apparantly not...though you might be able to mod some cushy Harley grips with them lil' tassles...that would be sooooo
Cheap fix. Go to Walmart, and get some Wilson tennis racket grip tape. It's padded. If you don't like it, it's an easy un-install. It's about $3, so it won't break the bike.

My hands/wrists are not as sore as they used to be.
Thanx guyz, these however are the grips I was speaking of

Rythm : where'd yo get em?

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I didn't notice the grip before...Rythm is kind of slick...Actually that grip looks like a "Dildo"...Dual purpose I suppose...Ride awhile pick up a chicken head pull over pull off the old grip one or both depending on the chicken heads ability...Sastisfy chicken head install grip or grips and roll the freak out...
Hawaiibusa and Rhythm...Now you guys got me wanting a set of those grips...I would be even more popular with the ladies with those...
Actually you just need to ord the grips in the 7/8 inch or 150mm size. Most manufacturers including Arlen Ness make a grip in various sizes. I have something similiar on my bike i'll post a pic later. I also if i haven't thrown it away have a catalog that has various styles of grips similiar to what you showed.

Also for a long trip you can go to home depot/lowes get some 1 inch or 1 1/4 foam pipe insulation cut it down pull it over your stock/custom grips and then pull em off and stick em in your pants pockets when you arrive at your destination. Then feel comfortable on the road, and the women will love you at your destination
Is this thread getting sexually explicit...?
Might have to change this one from a "G" to an "X" rating.