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I used to be a member on here before. Was deployed a bunch so got rid of my bike. Now I have more time and decided to get another and of course I have to be another Busa. Since I am looking I wanted to pose a few questions. I am looking at a couple of bikes and have been for a little bit. One of the bikes I am looking at seems really intriguing so I wanted to post here and see what the experts think. Here is a description let me know if you think it is a great deal or a run away don't look back.

2005 Suzuki Hayabusa sportbike. 662 original miles, never dropped, not a scratch on it. Looks stock except for the full Akrapovich titanium exhaust and the cyclops undertail. Has a ton of performance high dollar upgrades. MTC tall deck pistons with jug spacer, PCIII usb, ivans smart TRE, dyno jet lcd screen, multi function hub with the switchable map feature, titanium retainers and heavy duty springs. Muzzy fan, no cut frame sliders, Head studs/nuts, many other upgrades. Email for a complete list and many more pics available.

Asking 7K firm, ready to ride, this bike is one of the baddest bikes in the area, rides just like a stock busa, handles just like a stock busa, but much more smoother and faster. Can take it right to the drag strip and race it, use as daily transportation, or take it to bike shows, if interested, email for more details and pics, You will not be disapointed with this Busa



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Too much. First off, I'd be scared to death of a bike that's barely at it's first service and 8 years old, secondly there's Gen II's posted for that and you can even get a sweet turbo, loaded for a few thousand more. Looks great, maybe 5K, my opinion, doesn't mean crap, it's your money, your ride.


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Hrmmm, tough call essentially brand new "older" Busa, very clean...the price is kinda high compared to other newer Busas I see out there, but it is a new bike...

Hope you can get one soon...welcome back to the oRg! :thumbsup:


Sounds like this bike has a lot of drag miles in it. Less than 1k miles with all those performance upgrades? I think I would pass unless you know who did the work and how it has been ridden. Like said before I would look for a gen II for that price.
I was thinking drag bike as well. It was just a little intriguing with the upgrades and the miles. My first instinct was to pass but I have heard of low miles because people are scared to ride.
I like the Gen I so there are a couple I am looking at now that are closer to $6,000 with around 5,000 miles on them.

Like these

2004 Hayabusa

GOT ONE!!!!! Got me a gen one like I wanted. Getting ready to do a few mods before riding season really kicks off and I don't want to have it in the shop. Will post pics.


I was just gonna give you a heads up.......... you cant trust the odometer on a busa. $200 on ebay can get you an odometer that reads any miles you want:whistle: If you dont have the eye to spot it I would either find somebody that does or pass altogether. Somebody that dug into the motor when it was that fresh and put in those kinda upgrades more than likely dragged it and now your opening a whole new can of worms..... Could have been sprayed, blew up, condition of the tranny etc. like I said Ebayed a new odometer and some attention to detail to cleaning it up and they could easilly pass you off a ticking time bomb
That busa was too good to be true...lot of mods fitted and not even reached its first service and most likely been dyno'd well before its been run in.
As said the clocks can't be trusted..anyone can disconnect a speedo and the suspension would need a service since the seals are likely to have dried out along with a lot of the engine internals.....engines like moving to keep oil and coolant mixing and protecting.

enjoy your new bike
Yeah I thought it was too good to be true. I didn't think about the speedo being set back I just figured it was a race bike getting a 1/4 mile at a time added to it.

I am happy with my choice. Would post some pics but I can't figure out how to add them from my phone. I am doing a few things to it so u will just add them after I get it painted.
Just signed the paperwork today for a white 2012 model...couldnt resist the deal ....ex-display model with zero miles and saved over £2000 /$3000....picking it up on friday....hadn't planned to get a white one as i was going to wait for the new model but the colour just sort of grew on me and the wife thinks its nice....both of us can't wait...wife loves being pillion on a busa...nice low seat, comfy and stable.

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