Come and take them..


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Too Subtle?

I printed this and cut around the White, intended for my Truck window....Need to let it sit awhile and cool off before I weed it...

Jay..this might look cool on a newly painted fairing....

I had to try a small one (I don't EVER want to try and weed that again) to see how it looks :thumbsup:

Charlie, I am going to FIND or MAKE a place for these on my trackbike :)

Sorry about the 'full' message; I cleaned out my sent folder so should be good now. Try again with the PM.
those look great . I just can't put an American emblem on a Japanese bike
I put the big one on my truck tonight...too subtle? Or all any future traffic stops now going to be "felony" stops?

As soon as I can find the right size envelopes I'll be ready to mail some...

I need one for my truck window, if you can make them facing left and right (looking toward each other I will take 4 pair for my bikes.