Clutch fluid turning dark quickly


Hi, i have noticed that my clutch fluid is turning darker compared to the brake fluid. Anyone know what is it that is causing the clutch fluid to turn dark quickly?? Thanks in advance.


Do a search on here,alot of people have had this problem,including me..
Your clutch slave cyclinder is dirty..
It picks up dirt and oil from your chain..
I'm thinking you have a leak. Air/moisture gets in there, turning the fluid dark and cloudy. Probably from the rubber seal inside the clutch slave.

What year? And any clutch mods? Looks like a newer bike by the looks of how clean your MC's are.
Its the inner hose degrading.Time for new braided lines.Power steering hose does the same thing.The inner liner breaks down and contaminates the fluid.
Its 2011 busa, with only 14000km on it.. how can it degrade so quickly and the brake hose is the same age as the clutch hose, why hasn't the brake hose degrade??? Its a stock bike, no mods done..
It's not happening on the brake side because it's make A LOT more sturdy on the brake end of the bike, as more pressure goes to the brakes than to push a dinky little shaft into the tranny.

Check the garage floor under the kickstand after the bike has sat for a couple of days. If there is a spot there, or a stain that wasn't there before, you have a leak on your clutch slave.

I really don't think the rubber line has deteriorated in one year.

Make sure everything is bolted up nice and tight. I think that air/moisture is getting in there somehow (most likely clutch slave rubber seal around the piston).

You've tried just flushing it out with fresh, high quality fluid I'm assuming?
It's not that it is getting dirty but it is getting heated greatly form the slave cylinder, on the engine.

The easiest way, to change it, is to suck it out of the top, and then refill, and bleed the system to get out any contaminated fluid out of the line!

You shouldn't have to do this more than once a year!