dark clutch fluid


orange peel is caused by excessive speed
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I've noticed that as my clutch fluid gets darker my clutch is starting to make more noise? Could there be a correlation between the two?

When I pull the clutch in .....no more noise......should I bleed the clutch fluid out and put new in?
pics would be of more help....I"m wondering if it will darken again if only new fluid were to be added.
Most likely no correlation between the fluid darkening and the clutch noise.The noise you describe sounds like the noise every other Busa makes when you let the clutch out in neutral.You most likely are noticing it more now because you suspect the clutch of a problem.Replace the fluid,use correct type and bleed until it runs clear.Should clear it up.

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To answer your question if you just bleed and change the clutch fluid after awhile it will start to darken again!
if there isn't a problem when its dark then I guess it doesn't bother me....