climbing related question

The Oracle

Big Wall... Is your username related to climbing?

Does anyone else climb? Riding and climbing go hand-in-hand (weather wise).

If there are other climbers, we should set a 'busa / climbing trip. We could ride the twisties in (and to) Kentucky and then climb at Red River Gorge... Or, for NinjaEater, we could ride to the Gunks (outside of Pughkeepsie) and climb there... Or, perhaps in Boulder (for Big Wall)... The options are endless...

Who's with me?

Check out my climbing web site:

I attached a picture of me climbing at Annapolis Rocks, MD.

Here is one more that shows the view...

BTW - I am top-roping in these pictures, but I also lead traditional style.

Sorry. I don't climb. I have done some rappeling in the past. Hiking I do do, especially in the snow, but no climbing. I got the nick name Big Wall from kids in the neighborhood because I'm 6' 8".
Interesting, I used to climb too. I was an IFSTA rope III rescue instructor, we used to go out and climb and become victoms just so the others would have to simulate rescues. Its been a few years since we went out but I still have all my gear. Would be tough to carry all of that stuff on a bike.

Yep I climb from time to time, mostly at work. Im with ERT..... Emergency Response Team or as many call it (SWAT)

I have'nt climbed in a long time but if you come east thers is some nice climbing in New Paltz NY and a few free fall 100ft or so mind shafts for rappeling