Cheap mods


This is just 'til I paint the bike. Notice the front has about a hundred rock chips. CURVES are ruining the front end. Well chasin my buddy on his R1 is ruinin the front end.

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Hey Higg, That tank sticker is the exact type I was lookin for or gonna make. Where'd you get it?
Higg your about to be known as the "Genii Sticker Boy"...Man take that poop off your bike...
Cheap yes...Mods no...Your as bad as the old folks using bumper stickers to hold their cars together and cover damage...Come on Higg were bigger than that...
Wait 'til we have our video out........then you'll want a Knucklhedz sticker. All you have to do is ask.....I'll send ya one.

Kent....I had em made at a graphic design shop here. Cost about 35 dollars for all of it.