Have an idea for the


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I'm going to be painting my Busa in a couple months and was a little concerned with how I could stop the chipping from the sand, rock, and water spray that hits the fairing down low on the front behind the front tire.
You can buy box lining for pick-up trucks that is tintable any color.
I think I'll mask of the lower area after paint and apply the appropriately tinted spray on box liner down low where the Busas usually chip.
Think it will work.....has anyone tried this?
I will be putting on the Clear vinyl. It's cheap, and by all accounts does the trick. Though a sprayable bedliner type of stuff would probably do the trick.
saw a spray on liner on a different board, think it was superkaos? Looked pretty good and he said that is was fairly simple to do.
Something to think about.......is that bedliner spray easy to wash? I thought the stuff was kinda rough textured.....