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Just thought I'd give my .02 on this company! Great Customer Service/Support! My helmet clip broke after only three months of owning it (My fault, totally). No problem, Chatterbox replaced it for free....... Another friend of mine bought one and thought he'd ordered the noise suppression mic. When we called Chatterbox to complain about the vendor he purchased it from not supplying the correct parts they immediately offered to send him the correct unit No Charge! (This is a $60 part retail) If your looking for a great product and customer service, look no further than Chatterbox.............
Ok, gonna feel stupid for saying this but what is a "Chatter box"? A radio system for talking between bikes?
You got it Lazer. Of cours there are many different versions, some are wireless for bike to bike, some rider to passenger, some have ability to hook to cell phones, most have connections for walkmans (cd's, minidiscs, etc.). You can even find them that can be built into the helmet.

Oh, BTW, Chatterbox is actually a brand but the term is commonly used to describe almost any communication device for motorcycles, kind of like Kleenex is used for tissues.