Changing the speedo from KPH-to-MPH!?!?!


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Hello All,

I just bought an all Black 03 Busa (Canadian Model) and was wondering what would be the best way to change the speedo to MPH?

I have heard if you change the dials and get a yellow box the mileage is still in KM.  Can I just buy a 99-00 220MPH gauge cluster and plug it right in?  

If so I would rather do this then change the dials.  Does anyone know who or where I can buy one for a good price?

Anyone have any used extras?



Oh and is there anything else I need to look for?
Does anyone have any recommendations?

There must be at least 100 people on here that have done this or at least changed the gauges!

Also how does the yellow box convert mileage to Kilometers?

Any help would be great!

Josh :beerchug:
I just posted about this in another forum - ha ha. I'm inclined to think another gauge cluster would be fine, just need to find a way to reset the odo on it if it's used.
From what I have read on the yellow box, you just wire it in and it changes the reading to MPH(Digital Readings). But what I am wondering is how? It also has a few adjustments on it for gear changes as well. Can anyone explain to a beginner how it works for the kilometer part???

Does anyone have a FACTORY 220MPH or 185MPH gauge they want to sell? I have found a million aftermarket but I love the look of the stock gauges(Black during daylight & Red at night) LOOK!

Anyone have a website link for one?


Its got a computer chip that does the magic for you.... Takes less than a hour to install! Four wires into three on the bike and presto, you've got conversion if you need it and correction for the error.....
What about a factory stock 185 or 220 MPH gauge?

I have emailed and searched about everywhere and can't find one?

Anyone buy custom gauges and have the removed stockers?


Josh :beerchug:
i bought a set of 220 gauges from and had my company logo put on them. it cost me like 135.00 total and they are awesome, it took 4 days from order to my door, they can put anything on your faceplates cheep as hell, as for changing your speedo from kph to mph i highly recomend for 80.00 they ship it to your door and it takes about 20 min to install its like the yellow box but about 30.00 cheeper i got mine and was lost how to figure all the algebra so i sent an email to the guy that runs the show at speedo healer and he sent me the whole number work up with my final adjustment numbers. i was way impressed with them and the box is about 1/2 as big as a pack of smokes.  also on the busa when you change your face plates you cant really take the stock plates off with out pulling the speedo pointer the instructions say put the new ones over the stock ones, so i cant help you there. you should check out speedhuts custom gauge maker online youd be suprised how easy it is to design your own or  have them make you a set of stock face plates.  and they will have the indaglow look thats awesome.