Time for a new chain.Mine is stretched and rattles.Any suggestions,price?,Do I need to replace sprockets???Help...Thanks :hammerhead:
Get a good quality chain high tensel strength and always replace sprocket and chain together I am not sure so dont take me for an expert but I would check around about aftermarket aluminum sprockets I have not replaced mine but I have some concerns with the amount of torque a Busa makes ????
Would like to get the same help.  Just bought a '99 Busa last week and would like a recommendation on chain and sprockets.  Also, is there a quick check for sprocket wear or should I just replace them with the chain?
I just went through this. Bought Sbaki(sp) Omega chain and front sprocket ( sprocket specialists) from Chaparral but my rear was backordered. I got tired of waiting so I called S/S and got the rear. Both are steel by the way. Go with the best don't worry about a little weight I like the steel. I ride in 100+ degrees most days and heat kills chains. Oh, get a chain rated for the BUSA. Some are rated for up to 750cc only.