new chain and sprocket time


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It is time for a new chain and sprockets for the front and rear. I don't drag race or pop wheelies, so stock gearing is good. I do alot of high speed touring, and do maint. on my chain every few hundred miles. My stock chain got 30K miles on it before stretching out too far. I like the look of the vortex rear sprocket but I'm wondering about wear. If you sell chains and sprockets please shoot me a pm with your recommendation, price and availability. Busa is stock length and I would like a stock replacement chain, or perhaps a little better quality chain. Thanks, Hal
(DR1300R @ May 31 2007,10:18) hey Hal how about one of these?
Doyle, I'm glad you did the edit thing on this. I was wondering WTF does brothers and sisters have to do with chains and sprockets. Thought you had started drinkin way to early in the day!