chain has broken, what to so 02busa, 454miles


the chain broke and damaged the water pump. i have taken the chain guard off the front sprocket, but cant tell what all i need to look at. if anyone has replaced their own chain or even broke one please mail me back and tell me what to look for. What is the rod tht protrudes from the trans, look like it goes into the speedometer....please mail back...

pictures of a torn down busa would certainly be good....

The rod sticking out is the clutch release rod. the part that sticks out/that you see actually fits into the clutch-piston in the sprocket cover. Leave it were it is you don't have to move it to replace the water pump. LEt me know exactly what you are working on and i'll try to email you the pages from the manual.
454 miles? Is that all that's on the chain or bike? Either way call the shop and see if there is any kind of warrenty that will cover you.
yeah i was wondering --- is that miles on the bike or chain... If its on the bike the warrnty may cover it