chain and sprockets replacement


im changing chain and sprockets today, how? i'm not sure about the front sprocket, the rears, self explainatory. also do i need anything special to place the rivetlink master on the chain? thanks, also torks
. also do i need anything special to place the rivetlink master on the chain?
there is a special tool you can use , most chain manufactures sell them . But , where there's a will,there's a way. It's like chain breakers , I personally dont have one , I've been using my die grinder to do this for years . Anyway , you can use a punch (fairly sharp one) and place a weight on the inside of the chain . You can then peen the master link . It'll be way easier with help .
If yer not 100% sure you can handle this , GET HELP. From someone who's done it before . If the chain comes apart it can : 1. Wreck yer bike .
2. Possibly Kill You .
Not sure ,but the feeling I get from yer words....take it to a shop .
also torks
by this I'm guessing you are refering to "torque values".
I'm guessing you need the "torks" for the axle nut,sprocket cover,rear sprocket bolts,yadda yadda yadda .
If this is correct...look it up in yer manual....if ya dont have one,get one . I wouldn't perform much maint on a bike without it . But thats just me .
If ya still need those numbers...give us a shout .
Use a strong chain. Best out there is EK zvx 530 gold or silver. DiD makes a good chain also. Depends on your HP. Anything under 180hp you willl be good with any good quality chain.

Sprokets don't mess around. AFAM is the only manufacture that makes a front sproket that is Chromium steel. About the hardest you can find. There back sprockets are steel nickel coated. Again don't even thing of using Alum if you are above 180 hp. If it was me i would not use Alum on the back even under 180hp. I tried a lot of different supplers but the best for Sprokets is AFAM

Chain is very close in price all places. Quick turn and excellent service is Schnitz Racing. AFAM also carries DID chain. Ask for Steve.