Casper to Reno and back


found the garmin,
pulled the fighter pilot suit out from behind the coat rack,
found a new can of fix-a-flat,
gonna change the oil tonight and lube the chain & throw a bunch of stuff in a dufflebag.
should be good to go.
a person really doesn't need much for just 2000mi.
change of clothes and a credit card for the most part.

guess i should pull out the rain gear too. :lookaround:


day 1-
i got up and it was nice and sunny. so i decided to leave my coveralls at home. bad choice! i ended up buying some carhart insulated bibs at a lumber store in Rawlins for $118.00! well it was money well spent! we began getting scattered rain as soon as we left Rawlins. i never really got wet, but i never really got dry either, all day long.
it was kind of a strange ride today. 1st ride of the year, rain, cold, and im riding with a friend i have never taken out of town. a 69yr old friend.
not that old friends are bad! i just need to be careful not to break him.

it is strange to know someone for many years, and not really KNOW them. i am looking forward to getting to know him better. i hope i don't drive him

SLC traffic is a bummer when you cant see the road through the rain. :(

the saltaire is still there. no cute punkrock chicks there though, as they were closed. it never hurts to stop and check though. :laugh:

it finally, kinda, cleared up as we began to come across the salt flats.

We had to have an inpromptu "emergency" at the tree of Utah. (emergency parking only)

and we also pulled over to piddle and take a few pics at the rest stop. the view at the rest stop is just amazing! bright white salt, clear blue water still showing in pools on the surface of the salt.
i really wish it was warmer and a full moon. i would have camped out at the end of the road on the flats.

but instead i am sitting in the Nugget listening to crickets on Dave's Ipod.

i really do feel sorry for anyone that has to bunk or even worse, travel with me.
i don't sleep much at night. i am not a happy morning person. i ride to hard for some. i don't eat until AFTER lunch, and sometimes only have dinner. (i forgit others eat 3 times a day.) i smoke. no let me rephrase. i chain smoke camels like they are next on the gun ban list. and i am tempted right now, as he sleeps, to call room service to send up a budweiser and a shot of beam. i won't. i'll go get it. but im tempted. :sasmokin:

ok i will just be good and just post some pics! :beerchug:
more tomorrow Brothers and Sisters.















we had a good ride into Renoyesterday. the flat nothing broke up by great mountain passes. it was chilly but we only had to ride through a couple little rainshowers.
we got into Reno about 4:30. it took a little time to find the motel complex. man, this motel is huge! there are 3 maybe 4 motels all hooked together into one. lots of great places to eat in here. this afternoon i think im gonna try out the oyster bar. :D
dave is having fun. meeting folks and making friends.

i am in a meeting so i better keep it short.
i will run around ang get some pics for yall in the next few days. :thumbs:

having fun, living the dream!


Looks like your having fun... and that is what life is about. I see the tree of life needed to be watered and you guys brought the water... :laugh:

The Salt Flats and surrounding area are unigue in ways that are sutle and yet majestic in their own way.

That last 26 miles of dead straight highway before Wendover has been a dyno test for a few adventurous souls over

the years... myself included when I lived in SLC back in the 80s. I am glad to see you didn't drive out on the salt flat area ( or did you ? )

That will be the beginning of the end for any low hanging steel

on your bike because the salt will get into everything you can imagine.

Some guys have sprayed Pam cooking spray on the bottom of their vehicles and then ventured out onto the salt for some high speed fun!

Once done with the salt they head to the car wash to get rid of what ever salt they can see sticking to their machine. You will never get it all off.

Hopefully you get some nice tailwinds on the way home.

Have fun and let your riding buddy get his 3 meals a day in.

May the rest of your trip be a safe one.


nope, no way i would go ride on the salt out there! i love my bike...that and the 1nch or so of standing water. you can see where people have gone out and ripped cookies, and otherr places where they went to go play and got STUCK! like way stuck in some places. :rofl:

so where was i...oh yea Reno.

Thursday i had board meetings, or should i say bored meetings.:laugh: starrting at 9am and really i had meetings thursday until Sat. i gave a pretty good report on my region, with Colorado working on bike interlocks, and securing their Motorcycle Operator Safty Training funds. North Dakota has more bees in it than any other state and passed a law to move them back from roadways as to protect bikers. Wyoming passed a 10mph over while passing bill, we also pushed a right of way violation amendement that failed to pass this year but we hope it will next year. as well as how we have organized and are pushing a smoking ban amendment for the city of Casper that i beleve will pass.

Saturday i was able to skip a few break out sessions so i could write and prepare a speach to introduce Bag Lady Sue at the SIlver Spoke award ceremony and banquet.
I NAILED IT! i haven't hit a speach that well, possably ever! i was very proud of myself :thumbs:

i socialized late into the night with lawyers, Warlocks, and Outsiders. :beerchug:

i was packed up and passed out by 4am, so i could get an early start. :whistle:

on the road by 10:30am we cought I-80 and kicked into overdrive. Cruze set about 80+ we made good time to Thunder Mouintain (monument to the white invaders trash). i really dig what this fella put together. it is neat!

i need to go to their website and get a t-shirt or something.
Thunder Mountain Monument, a monument to the Native American People.

we stopped for some ribs in Wennamucca. then it was gas and go all the way across Nevada.
snapped a pic at Battle Mouintain. :snap:

we went across the street in Wendover to the Montigo Bay. i must say i like it better. nicer rooms and 3 hottubs and outdoor pool.
i had not gambled but a buck ot two so far on this i thought "what the heck, go for it!". i pulled out $60 and started at the video poker machines at the bar. after winning about $12 and drinking my fill of free booze i walked over and tried a new to me Blackjack game. match blackjack. it's a 1 deck game with a match bet that pays 3/1 if your cards suit matches. kinda a sucker bet, but i stuck a few bucks on it. ended up hitting it about 6 times.
i wasnt doing too well, playing next to some fella from Equador. then this oriental tranny comes over and sits down. NOW IT'S A PARTY! i had to stick around!
She was the luckiest dude i ever met!
after about 2hrs i had my fill and lost all but $12 worth of souviners for my son.

we were all packed up and rolling by 10am and hummed across the salt flats into SLC, where we were greeted by a big alien pointing to friendly skies.

the climb up out of the saltlake valley is a fun sweeping ride through canyons of pockmarked cliffs, and beautiful green farms.

Wyoming greeted us by setting a dust devil right down on our heads. it scared the funk outta me. just riding along and BOOM YeeHaw! i thought it was going to take me off the road.
got a pic at the border and down the road to the Cowboy Cafe.
after a quick bite, it was gas and go into rawlins. Boy howdy it is a freakin long ride to Rawlins.
i would see a sign 123mi to Rawlins, ride for an hour or two and then pass the 120mi to Rawlinssign. :banghead::laugh:

Finally in Rawlins we gas and go for the last time. north bound. 100 something miles home!
there was very very little traffic on the road so we wicked it up and hauled. i was ready to get home but i didn't make it.
i got so uncomfortable. i mean my bits and tackle were just freakin crushed from the 500 freakin miles already that day.
ready to cry in my helmet i stopped at Alcova at the Sunset Bar to let the boys drop, and get me some liquid painkiller.
20min, some Beam and 1/2 a Bud later i was able to hobble back to the bike for the beautiful sunset ride home.

about 8:30pm i pulled into the house with a happy Blip Blip in excited celebration. :cheerleader:

All in all, i was gone 7 days, 4 days of riding, 1903mi, at 44.2mpg.
:thumbs: not too bad for the 1st real ride of the season! :beerchug:






















Nice ! Thanks for sharing that good road experience. As far as riding on the salt... I was assuming it was dry to begin with... only fools drive on wet salt... as you could see from the tracks where some wrecker had lots of cable to reel em in with ! :laugh:

Great pictures too ! I wish I had known you were passing through Rawlins because the Cowboy Bar in the downtown area is a great musuem to stop in and check out.

Gotta go... dinner is on !

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