headed to Billings Montana tomorrow for MRF's Best of the West.

it feels like i just got home from Reno, and it's already time to leave again. i am heading out tomorrow to Billings Montana for MRF's Best of the West motorcycle rights convention. i haven't been to an MRF event in some time. it ought to be fun. :beerchug: all riders welcome!

do any of yall live in Billings?

the route i want to take runs about 700mi. should be an easy 2 day ride. :thumbs:

Casper, WY to Casper, WY - Google Maps

i need to check and make sure Beartooth and The Chief are open. :please:
thanks Dad,

i put her up on the rear stand (i found for $20) and cleaned and lubed the chain tonight. it had begun making noise today. it needed it. now it's nice and clean and silent.
checked the 710 and gave the chain an adjustment
looks all ready to go. :thumbs:

i scrambled tonight to find a road buddy. my local President of ABATE had to back out because of work.
i think i found 3 fellers to go with me.
Paul Padd, my local Legislative Rep. for Wyoming Central ABATE, a new member out of Glenrock, and My Ugly Brother NotJoe.

i have the ABATE credit card in hand, and have told everyone to meet me at the Beacon at high noon. :hijack:

we shal see who shows up. alot of folks say they want to ride, but when it comes down to it, they really don't.
i might wait til 12:30, but then it's kickstands up! hit the road and boogie.

i think i might call and reserve a room here in a few.
reservations suck, they should just have a room for me, ready, where ever i go. :laugh:

well if i'm gonna roll in 10hrs i better take a nap.
we shal see you later brothers and sisters; and stay tuned for the further adventures of Russ the Rocket Turtle. :thumbs:

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