Casper to Billings, Cody, and back again.


3 adventurers of the wayward west left last friday morning to go to MRF's Best of the West, Motorcycle rights convention.
it was a sunny clear morning. perfect riding weather.
we departed about noon for the highway burn up I-25.
Berry on his brand new softtail, me running Bessie, and Not Joe bringing up the rear in my geo.

we stopped in Buffalo for lunch, and onto the Custer Battle Field to play tourist.
we made it to Billings just in time to get checked in and into the 1st of many meetings.

a good time was had at the convention. alot was learned and i think i have some ideas i would like to go forward with.
i want to see if i can get one of my BOD meeting moved to DC, so we can all go lobby. :idea:

anyway, back to the motorcycles.

we left out of Billings and took the back way into Redlodge, taking 78 south out of Columbus.
i had never taken that route. it was a very nice ride through mountain farm valleys. all the wild flowers were in bloom. just beautiful.

stopping in Redlodge for a burger at Bogarts and a BoneDaddy pin, we leathered up before we rode out of town.
i am glad we did. :thumbs: there is still a bunch of snow up at the top of the world.

i told Berry not to try and keep up, and that i would stop and wait for them at Beartooth lookout rest area, the top of the world store, at the turn off for Chief Joseph, and again at Chief Joeseph lookout. :laugh:

it was wendyer than heck up there, but it was still a blast.
i hate the super slow traffic up there though. they need some "motorcycle passing zones".
i played with body position and took my corner speed up a little. only squished my foot against the road a few times. :thumbs:

stopped in cody to regroup and grab a cool lybation at the Erma. Buffalo Bills place.
advised some touring friends form SD about the awesome hot springs in Thermoplis, and hit the road.

we filled up again in Thermop before ripping up Wind River Canyon. Wheee, i dig zippin through there.

from there it is a hot 100mi stright burn from Shoshonee to Casper.

20mi from Hiland Berry rips around me and licks it up to 100mph. i let him wind out until i could see four or five miles ahead, then i wave him good bye for a moment and put the hammer down.

Berry cought up and we felll in behind a truck doing about 90.
i saw him before Berry did, tucked in behind 2 other vehicles, oncumming HP!!i ducked in behind the truck. Berry was not so lucky. 5:: nicked by the "Man" for 83 in a 65. said they had me clocked at 72 :whistle:
he got off with a $86 ticket. :beerchug: no big deal. drinks were on me at Hiland.
also where my last picture of the trip is taken.

We made it home at dark and Berry gave us a big wave as he rolled onward to Glenrock and home for him.

710mi, 2 days of riding, alot learned, friends made, roads ridden, and sights seen. :thumbs: