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Ever since I saw the first Pelican Case mounted on a bike many, many years ago, I admit I just shook my head. "What an eyesore" I thought to myself.

Then, several years later, I finally was forced to carry a laptop on a trip on my FJR. Ack! The silly-a$$ laptop bag consumed the vast majority of the Givi V46 topcase (this was before the slim neoprene bags were widely available.) I was wishing for that Pelican case then!

Now I find I have to carry a laptop on my K8 quite a bit this summer, as I am a Scorer during the Iron Butt Rally next month. I need to carry a laptop about 6000 miles during the end of August/first week of September. This is a real problem if you are riding a Hayabusa with tiny Givi bags. The hefty-a$$ Dell Inspiron ain't going in any existing luggage. Damn.

So.... finally, it has happened, it has come to this.... I have become one of those Pelican dudes.....

The Pelican case resides on the SW-Motech rack where the 1-gal insulated water jug used to reside, so the latter is relocated down to the left pillion footpeg:

You may not be able to tell from the photos, but this is actually one of the smaller Pelican cases.... Model 1500. The Dell is still a tight fit.. only about a 1.5" spare room on all sides.

The floor of the Pelican Case is sandwiched between two 3/32" aluminum plates. Passing through the plates are three beefy 12mm bolts, and tension locknuts are run all the way up the bolts to the very bottom of the outside aluminum plate. The tension locknuts are then encased in a short segment of thick rubber heater hose. The remaining bolt shaft had its threads ground down and polished smooth. Then, a hole was drilled in each bolt shaft so that it can receive a bailing wire-style cotter pin to facilitate quick removal/installation. As a practical matter, I will probably replace one of these pins with an appropriately small combination lock when on trips:

Using this arraignment, the Pelican case stands off from the SW-Motech rack, and thus the transfer of harmonic vibration to the case is almost eliminated! :cool:

When all is said and done, the Pelican case actually doesn't look too bad on the bike. I did a 600-mile test ride last weekend, and I couldn't even tell the case was back there. I know the case probably looks jarring to those who don't do serious touring on the Busa, but it sure does the job for me!



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Looks good to me. That is a definite Touring Busa!! Gives me a few ideas since I am trying to plan some extended trips on mine. Gotta love the versatility of the 'busa.


Seat looks comfy - which one is that?
Would like to know this also.
That, gentlemen, is an incredibly awesome Rick Mayer seat, and it is one of 4 critical modifications that allows me to crank out 1000-mile days on this beast for several days in a row!!!

I did a ride-in appointment with Rick in his service shop in northern California last summer. Here is Rick Mayer working on my stock seat pan, trimming away some excess foam:

Here is Rick cutting my basket-weave vinyl seat cover - all by hand - while the Busa sets waiting in the background:

And... the final result!!



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That seat really does look comfortable!!! How much does he charge?


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Very nice. After a few trips with a backpack to carry my normal laptop I decided to downsize. I now have an Acer Aspire One that fits perfectly in my Oxford Humpback series tank bag.

I'm also digging the seat. Bike looks good. :thumbsup:

scotty - 12

I want to take a nap on that seat. So only "in person" fittings? Can I make a mold of my ass and send it to him? :moon::laugh: If thats competitive with Corbin - I'd BUY BUY BUY that seat. Thats my biggest issue with 245 lbs of rider....


That seat really does look comfortable!!! How much does he charge?
Depend on what seat you want, what material you want, etc, etc. Most run about $300-$400 when all is said and done.

"Ride-In" appointments actually cost a bit more, but they are worth it if getting the seat right the first time is important to you. Otherwise, I would just have someone take several photographs of you sitting on the bike in your normal riding position (Rick requests this), and send in the photos/stock seat to Rick sometime in the winter when to snow is piled high. That way you'll have no down time.

But a road trip sounds like more fun! :beerchug:

Linky-link to his web site: Rick Mayer Saddles

Mr Bogus

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Nice seat work... Pelican makes some great dive gear..did not know they were into the bike stuff at all... a true geek must have his laptop however... (I now have a tiny netbook that works really well)


So we can't get that seat unless we drive to cali?
No, no... not at all! Rick sends his work out to all parts of the country and even overseas.

Ordering instructions are on his web site, just follow them and you'd be set! Rick typically wants some photographs of you on the bike so he has an accurate frame of reference. And you'll need to provide a seat pan - typically, your stock seat.


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Thanks for the link. I will have to look into this for sure.
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