Careful who you ask


I have noticed that many people on this and other sites ask the sales man what products to use and how to maintain thier new bikes.I find this as helpful as asking a doctors receptionist how to stop my but from itching.If you want to know how to clean certain areas of your bike or what products to use,ask the detailer at the bike shop.The same goes for any technical info,ask the mechanic,not the service manager.This way you will eliminate the chance of running into someone who will lead you astray through lack of hands on knowledge.


Dazza thank you for finally saying it !!!!!!
As you see no one's even replied or perhaps realized how true and important your statement is -I personally treat the salesperson like the shitface ignorant little crook he is .I come prepared I only negotiate the price with them and I don't feel satisfied unless I called at least half their bluffs, educated them some and leave them with a little new found respect for the most important person in their life-THE MOTORCYCLE CONSUMER. :whip:



Hayabusa Immortal
Service manager: "All bike failures are caused by people doing wheelies and stunts."

Sales guy: "This bike has so much torque, just pop it down two gears on the highway and it damn near loops."

Parts guy: "Which bike do you have? Oh, that OEM oil filter will be $20. It's different from the other, cheaper bikes."

Typical customer know-it-all: "Yeah, just remove the air filter. That's good for at least 10-20 HP."

I do not go to dealers or service shops for a reason. If you want it done right, get a service manual, some common sense and do it yourself.
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