Captains ride for sale


Dis in my way!
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OK guys the captains ride is officially for sale. This has been a real tough decision but I need to make adjustments in my personal life and I am spending way too much on my hobbies than I should. Here is the deal

2000 Blue/Silver roughly 9k miles
No scratches at all
Kept under cover in shop
Comes with custom Shoei helmet
Suzuki Jacket only available from dealer
Black magnetic tankbag
Stereo speakers built inside helmet
Gloves Link included
Motorola FRS 2 way radio with NI-cad batteries and home and mobile chargers. You can listen to the radio as you go down the highway.
Stemstand with single and dual heads...
New rear tire

Stemstand Review I Did

Total $9500.00

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It is so men! This site will continue, I have a very expensive habit!!! I need to get some new hardware and to do that means something has to go... I thought about getting rid of the kids and grandma wouldn't hear of it, the wife, well she knows her way back. I was really left with only one solution and that was to sell ole blue! She's been good and I'll miss her but there will be another bike some time.. I really have some plans for the website but I need to make sure that security and quality aren't thrown out to do what I want to do.. I need a packet shaper and a new one runs about 8k I can get a used one I think much cheaper but its still gonna sting a little. My firewall cost 8k and its been awesome, you get what you pay for....... There is a real future for this site (As long as Suzuki doesnt screw the bike up) so I wanted to hang on to it. There are many hayabusa's but only one

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Yeah, we all know its a secret plot - you're really saving up for the B-King, and you've got an inside line on it and don't want to tell anyone. Cool by me!!!

As long as we have this place to meet over the 'line', I'll be happy!!! Keep up the good work, El Capitan!!!

Just sell the kids, max out your credit and move to Venezuela..... oh wait, that's my escape plan, nevermind.