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Silent Shogun

Hey guys...i have the 06 black/grey busa and im in the process of accenting it in gold (Powder coated rims, tobin seat with gold, tank bra with gold kanji, gold levers, gold chain, powdercoated rearsets and etc). I have been trying to find a pic of one already done up with gold accents and i can't find a thing. Does anyone have a pic perhaps of black w/ gold accents so i can get an idea of what it will look like? I appreciate it if you do. Thanks.

Silent Shogun

NP. Ive seen one R6 with colored tires and it makes it look like a a crayola toy. Thanks anyways. I guess soon enough ill know what it looks like.


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It'll lQQk great dude. Had to paint my first bike :whistle: It started out as a blue '78 KZ650 and ended up being a Black Gold Metallic ( Imron ) . Painted the emblems that were white with gold paint. It was the bomb. :thumbsup:
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