Can I show off?


S100 wax (Nature in Action)

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That Zaino is some good $h!t J/K :laugh: ..  LQQKs slippery as hell son, nice job.

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:newbie: thanks slick anytime come to santa barbara for a ride on the 33,154,192,101,1 .try that S100 yellow carnuba with Bees wax

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You should have no problem getting booty printz on it :laugh:  Pimp on Playa!

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I got that term from a honey when I was outside a club during the Darby Races in KY ,she asked me if I would give her a ride  but I replied my wife doesnt allow me to pull other females ohter than her so she ask'd well how about if she can leave ass print on da side.  :laugh:

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Only if he is lacking that addiction thing you were talkn about Mike:laugh:
Thanks guys and gals . I like B/T's bike its one of the cleanest.I became a clean freek after I started working 4 bmw (seing how Some BMW owners kept there cars) :bowdown:
Looks great. It's the exact same color that I have. The only thing is you need to remove the reflectors! :D
Hi Bigbsbusa I removed the fronts right after I took the photos,I had a hard time removing the rears.I found out that I need to take the back plastics to get to the bolts. I found out this last night after getting frustrated. I had a new post on General.(Damn Reflectors) to find out. Sorry about the reflectors
Just messin' with you, Chamalk! I didn't even think about removing the reflectors until someone here said something about it. The bike looks great. I need to do some work and get mine back like that. The weather just hasn't cooperated here lately.