How Far would you go  to keep your Beloved BUSA

Wow,  you guys are  fantastic.  I love all of you  yes ALL OF YOU guys and gals in this superb site. I  joined nearly 2 years ago but became a Hayabusa  owner Oct 22 2003.  I am so lucky to have it, and I am glad to have the Best person to share it with.Thats  my girlfriend Yolanda.
When I had my YZF 1000 she is the one to encourage me to get a Busa. She said that I work hard enough to deserve one. Also she approved the looks and the colour.
To me she is  like my Princess.Smart,Beautiful,Kind,giving and Hard working too. I am a Sri lankan,  She is Mexican. We met in Santa Barbara,She asked to marry me and I Felt like the luckiest guy.  I don't wanna sound Showy or sentimental  but I Think I have the BEST BIKE IN THE WORLD. I have the BEST SITE TO GO TO, and I have the Best other half. You All are So SMART and FUNNY.  I LOVE YOU ALL.........
chamalk...glad you're enjoying your little stay with us!
Group hug...come on guys, it's good for business...thanks for sharing those thoughts with everyone chamalk...this site is great, and the people are so-so, but enough so-so's and you've almost got a reputable thing going! I'm kidding...everyone's great here...glad you think so too...

We all go through financial issues and start looking at the toys as a way to gain some financial're not alone in that...take things a day at a time and start advertising your kidneys and other "less-vital" organs on Ebay! That should be good for insurance on the Busa for another year or so!
Wonder what a perfectly good left arm would go for?! Hrmmmm... you some more money? Well, I could loan you my kids for about 3 months...once they head back home, you'd find all kinds of money you didn't realize you had!
Daycare, diapers, food (yeah, you have to feed 'em), "Mommy, I want a toy from Wal-Mart"...

after 13 years of me buying and selling bikes for one reason or another my wife knows im just going to get another bike, bigger , meaner,faster. so when i told her i was looking at a busa all she said was "hopefully this one is big enough".

im a bike nut its in my blood, i have been riding since before i knew her and every time i sell a bike cause i feel i need the money instead i always get another.i can think of other ways to make money. and in about 3 weeks when the big bore kit is finished i think this bike will stay in the garage for awhile.
When I was single I lived in an apartment complex. I had a Chrysler Conquest.
Another guy in the complex had a Mitsubishi Starion. We used to park side by side.
Apparently he didn't make his payments. 3am one morning I see some guy messing
with my car. I ease up behind him. Place the barrel of my Desert Eagle against the
top of his neck and say, "I'm willing to go to jail to stop you stealing my car.
What you have to ask yourself is, are you willing to die to send me to jail?"
I guess what I'm saying is there are LOTS of options before the Busa has to go.