Can anyone tell me what this residue is?


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Around my oil filter post?

I'm doing my first oil change on my GEN II (1st time for me, that is!); upon removing the filter I see this reddish residue on the the base of the threaded filter post. It's not gasket material as there's no gasket in this location on the filter. Some of it rubbed off on my fingers. Any ideas? Do I need to remove it? How?




Looks kind of like blue locktite, not sure why there would be any in that location.
Looks like anti lean fluid... Keeps you from getting your knee down...

The redish orange on the oil filter thread shaft is suzuki form of heavy duty locktite. Yes leave it alone. Keeps it from coming off with the oil filter!
That's called anti redneck curley pig tail rubber bump stop lube! :cheerleader:

Only found on busas sold in or near Nashville! :whistle: