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well we have a 3 month old and notice the point and shoot we have is good but not awsome but my brother inlaw is offering me a Canon Poweshoot S5 IS. It comes with the Lensmate S5/S3 IS Adapter 52mm, a Hoya UV filter, a Hoya Polarizer filter and an 8GB micro sd card with sd adapter. for $200 and thats cheap ive done some research and read some reviews but im not a camera guy and want to kno should i save up or is this something i should buy? i know if i buy another point and shoot it will cost alot more than 200
Save up & get a D90,takes perfect pics on automatic,Should you start to want to manipulate your lighting & exposres,it will happily do that as well on manual.
Slrs really depend on qualities of lenses. Are you planning to invest substantial amount for quality lenses? If not fixed lense cameras would do just great.
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