I am thinking of put on in the future Turbo and NOS.

1) NOW 385's Both Would be Intakes in Intake and Exhaust, or is their better than 385 and why it vs 385.

2) Explain degreeing and all and what would be good/radical and racey etc... and that would be a good degreeing job, Also want to buy these outright and keep the stock ones just incase want to go back total stock.

3) Basically I want to put as I said a TURBO on and NOS or one or the other, NOW I want to keep pump gas 87, and be a little on the ratical side of cams in a all stock possibly a little modding out of it 1400-1500 for street but still able to be racey.

4) Also Balancing the Crank to 14K or 20K Explain what balancing does, if you balance it out to 14K or 20K does that move your REDLINE to 14K or 20K??? Also Pistons ??:1. Since I want to keep pump gas say 87-94 Octane, But I also want the TURBO to Work at PEEK/MAX Potential what should the compression be ??:1.

5) Last but not least rods what type metal is best to use for strength, As well as what metals for springs/rods/vavles titanium Good for them or for which and which for which? want to know what is what for using BOTH TURBO AND NOS same time as well as just NOS or Just Turbo, and explain Turbo's out their whats different about each manufacturer and their pros and cons to them.

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18 people have read your one replied...except me...Please look in the dictionary...for the word  [ABSURD]  ---What you are trying to do is basically impossible...yes we can fly to the Moon and Mars... But it takes abit more than 87-91 octane..
Best advice for you is to go to  MXexpress etc...
Ps---Is 425 horsepower enough for you [at the rear wheel]  using only a turbo ??  

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