Cam chain, tensioner, guide.


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Ive been chasing down a vibration for awhile now, next thing to get looked at is the cam chain, tensioner and guides. We had a listen to the top right side of the engine with a stethascope and its making a decent bit of noise in there, a car mechanic and a DIY bike guy (has built a few turbo bikes ect) both think that may be my issue. The vibration is RPM related and not the wheels, sprockets, chain, clutch or the nut that spins around in the stator.

Who here has changed any of these things and which can it be done with the motor in the bike? Ive asked a few people and gotten as many answers and the shop manual is pretty vague. How many hours should I expect it to take at a bike shop? Im gonna call em tomorrow, but the more info I have going into it, the better.

Ps, its an 06 with 36k and is the oil controlled tensioner, which isnt noted in the manual Ive downloaded.


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It can be done with the motor in the bike, but getting the head out of there is a PITA.

My recommendation is to pull the motor. It will make disassembly / assembly much easier.


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Just got back from the mechanics, he doesn't hear any issue in the cam chain area, thinks the vibration and roughness may be just be the throttle bodies needing to be synch'd. Final try that if I can get a hold of the tool locally. Or I might just get one overnighted from Florida :whistle:


Don't know about the GenII, but around 4600RPM (true 80MPH in 6th gear) is where the powerband starts to kick-in. It's kind of annoying out on the highway if I'm wanting to go 80MPH, but it reminds me that I'm going too fast for a posted 70MPH limit.

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:laugh:Same on a gen 2. They all do it to some degree. The only cure is to buy a ZX-14 or wait for the Gen 3 and hope it goes away:laugh:

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