cam chain tensioner

Hey guys this is my first post so bear with me. I have a 2001 busa and it has been making a flapping/rapid clicking noise only under load. We thought it was a cam chain tensioner since the 2001's seemed to have problems with it. But when we looked at the tensioner it has an oil line going to it which means it isnt really a 2001 motor :/. So we think it could be valve issues. Any thoughts on what the problem could be?


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Ever been run low on oil ????....normally an under-load knocking is related to crank, rods, and pistons. Or it could be clutch related. Get a mechanic's stethoscope from Autozone and start chasing the noise. The long rod will transmit plenty of information..... :super:
yeah it was run low for a little bit it had a small oil leak i didnt know about but its fixed now but it has been running really hot so we are going to run a compression check on it.
Could be the cam tensioner. Its best to remove the stock one for a ape manual tensioner. Even if its been replaced with a manual one, be sure to check it real good. They have been known to brake the mounting bolts and under a load this would cause the knock. Its definately not the bottom. That would knock all the time.

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It's more of a minor sound i wouldnt really call it a knocking which leads me to believe its the chain or a valve problem. all the cylinders are within 10 psi of 150 which is a little low. I am just going to pull the motor and find it. i appreciate it guys.:beerchug:
alright we got the head off and figured out it has no thermostat which is most likely my over heating problem. There is also a couple leaks indicated on the head gasket. We are going to check the valve clearances in the next couple days... I would like to have it back together by monday but none of the stealerships even have a head gasket in stock let alone the cam cover and thermostat...


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it has no thermostat which is most likely my over heating problem.

Can someone correct me if I am wrong on this, but to my understanding the thermostat serves to restrict coolant flow to make sure the engine operates in a normal range, and opens up at a set temperature to allow full flow. So if there was no thermostat, the engine should run cooler, not hotter than otherwise?

and as to the OP problem please keep us informed
alright we have it all back together all the clearances on the valves were fine but we cleaned and lapped all of them and put everything back together. lastnight we started it up and its not runing right it could just be spark plugs... it sounds like the timing is off but we checked the timing like 10 times before we put it back together.
haha thanks... We pulled the cam cover off and the timing was off i just have to order some gaskets, a thermostat and now the plug that goes over the crank nut because i screwed it up :whistle: But we didnt find anything in the valves or anything that could have been making the sound so after this sweep the only thing i can think of if it still does it is the clutch... Any other suggestions guys?


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Well you've covered a lot of ground. Rapid clicking noises are many on the Busa. Under load, I would try and discern whether it's left or right sided. Left side could be water pump, transmission, counterbalance shaft adjustment, or sprockets and chain. Right side would most probably be clutch basket-related (Clutch basket springs do get compressed and rattle, the ones in the hub itself, not the clutch springs). Like a I originally said, get a cheapo stethoscope from Autozone, and just listen to the motor carefully.....try and home in on that sucker.

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