Call To Action! Motorcycle Rider Protest At The Capitol - Friday 3/17 11am


Top Gun
My daughter does this every day of her working life on a CBR600. The last time I visited her, we were stuck in traffic in a rented VW, while motorcycles were moving through in between lanes. When I told her in the US this is not allowed, she asked why. No matter how hard I tried to explain it, she did not understand. Where she lives, driving is crazy, 10 times worse than here. Just saying...
The only difference is that people are used to it there.


Top Gun
As a fellow truck driver, (25 yrs, about 2 million miles worth) I know exactly what you are talking about with the insanity on the American roads. The invisibility of a giant truck to the general public is astounding at times. However, in my opinion this topic is no different than many other "nanny state" laws that are forced upon a "free" society. If I choose not to wear a seat belt, I'm a law breaker. If I choose not to wear a helmet, I'm a law breaker. If I choose to smoke marijuana instead of drink whiskey, I'm a law breaker. I'm not promoting any of these activities in any way, nor am I promoting lane splitting, just suggesting that people should be allowed to make their own choices rather than have the state tell them what's best. All of that being said, it should only apply to personal risk not a public risk. Just imagine how many people would be more than happy to take our toys away based on the danger and stupidity argument... Live and let die...
I completely agree with you.
And to everyone in this thread, I'm all for being able to legally lane split.
I also think everyone in this conversasion is a competant rider aware of the risks.
I just think accidents will soar, along with tickets, insurance rates, fatalities, and the genersl public's and government's dislike of motorcycles.
Which in turn could easily lead to changes in laws that all of us would hate.
Me, I don't belive in helmet laws...but I always wear one.
Look at me, soundin all grown up and responsible, lol.
Now I'm ashamed, I'm leavin.


I am with Boomer 07 andSixpack here. Not sure I would do it as traffic is nonexistent here in BFE, but any time the argument is for more or less laws I am for less (within reason of course).

I am also a person that will support no helmet laws while wearing my helmet. Just because you are allowed to split traffic air ride without a helmet doesn't mean you have to.


Lane splitting is great if you're cautious and follow the unwritten rules(no more than 10 mph faster than other traffic,etc.),I've been doing it for 22 years and can honestly say I've never really even had a close call.The only people I ever hear about having issues with it are the dumb asses(usually punk kids on their first bikes who fly between slow or non-moving traffic at 50-60 mph),other than that is reported to be safer than just sitting in traffic and getting ass ended by some idiot playing on his damned cell phone.It may only save someone 5 minutes if they're living in a low populated area which still has 2 lane highways,but in CA during a rush hour can turn a 3 hour car commute into a 1 hour bike ride(and cagers out here are used to it,90% of the time moving further out of their way than necessary to let you through).Best to just follow the motorcycle cops whenever you get the chance as every one of them also split lanes.:laugh: :firing:

Mike Chambers

Every thing you said is true whether or not lane splitting exists. Like I said, educating the public far in advance of the implementation of lane sharing is a must do. Of course, drivers have to be open to it and intelligent enough to understand the benefits. What doesn't exist, even in California, is any terrible statistic that indicates that hundreds of motorcyclists (or even dozens) are being injured or killed due to lane splitting.
Educating the car drivers?really?most prove Darwin's theory of total ignorance and stupidity and have no place near a car let alone drive one

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