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Hey what do you Cali people know about the new reg. fee's?
Everyone is sayin they are suppose to triple! My cousin just got the bill for his Harley, it went from $79 last year to $290 this year! WUWT! If the same is true from my truck it will be over $1500 ...
Grey Davis sucks, Come on Arnold! I may have to move back to Hawaii soon.
Ya, the "VLF Offset" is gone now... Was in the news in June-ish. One of mine went from $50 to $450. Gotta love a broke state...
CorrodedAlien, You're not still getting the military waiver for fees? I had to put my wif's name on my vehicle title and registrations, so I never have to pay over $70 to register. Got's to Luv Uncle Sugar. :vader:
That sucks big time I just reregistered two cars, a boat, the Busa and my trailer yesterday and paid $555 for the lot. I think I might have to really give up the thought of ever making it out that way to live. :sad: