C42 Fix On Eu B-king | Immobilizer | Hayabusa Bypass Harness

Hi all,

I am facing issues with a C42 code showing up on my 2008 EU B-King after re-installing the modified air box.

Following advice from the service manual & suzukib-king.0rg I have checked & done the following:
- Re-checked & cleaned every connector and wire
- Tested the XTRE for correct operation / tested with xtre removed
- Removed ignition switch. What a drag that was
- Cleaned ignition switch as good as possible. On my switch there is no option to remove top or bottom covers. The screws have round heads that cannot be removed (I guess this is intended). There are a few holes in the bottom cover that I used for cleaning

Still, the C42 error is showing.

Now before I go ahead and replace ECU, ignition-switch and keys I would like to try to steal my own bike to proof that it is in fact the ignition switch that is faulty. To do this I would like to use the connector from the defective ignition switch to have the least possible damage. Checking the connection guide in the pic I see that I have different color connectors. Crawling through the internet I see that Busas seem to have a 6 pin connector instead of a 4 pin connector on the B-King. I also have an immobilizer antenna underneath the tank cover connected with a 3 pin connector.

Can anybody advice on how to wire this up correctly on EU bikes with the immobilizer?

1&2; Ignition switch
3&4; Ignition switch connector (4 pins)
5,6&7; Kill switch connector from the right handle bar
8; Wiring guide for bypass
9; C42 error code
10; Immobilizer antenna

Pic 1.jpg

Pic 2.jpg








The problem is solved;
The reason for the issue was that I did the testing with the key being too far away from the RFID antenna.

It appears that one has to insert the ignition switch into the chrome tank cover PLUS at the plastic collar around the key just like it would be when the bike is fully assembled. I tested without the collar and ignition switch inserted into the cover which is why it didn't work.
You help me a lot! i have a project zzr1100 EFI with busa harness, throttle boddies e.t.c., now the c42 come off and the fuel pump is running.
Thank's for this info!

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