buy frame sliders


My Black SE Busa rolled foward off the kickstand this weekend. I always leave my bike in first and this ONE TIME I didnt. poop!!! Cost me a cluth lever, bar end and a new side paint job and a stator cover and a rear section paint job.

BUY THE DAMN FRAME SLIDERS. I can see NONE of this would have happened if I had frame sliders.

I hate to post profanity but if it will get the point across.!
I am ordering these tomorrow. Been lookin' for them and couldn't find 'em anywhere. Thanks to Pimpbike I know where to get 'em now. :cool: Maybe I'll have them in time to install them this weekend. Hope I never need them, but even if I don't, I love the way these look. Might see about polishin' the ends though, just to make 'em a bit different. :super:
Those look great, I am going to order a set myself. How hard are they to install? Any cutting involved? :sad:
The way I did it was take the fairing off and put some white grease on the end off the bolt that goes through the engine. Then put the fairing back on. Push on the fairing where the bolt is and then take it back off. There will be a white dot where the bolt is. On one of the fairings the foam is already cut out. On the other you will have to cut it. I then took a drimmal and went to town. I only made it big enough for the neck of the frame slider to go through. NOT THE WHOLE THING. I didn't like the way it looks with a big hole around it. The only thing you have to change to do it this way is to put a few washers on one side up under the fairing to bring it out some so it doesn't push the fairing to far in. The hole was real small at first and I kept putting it on and taking it off and putting it back on and taking it back off untill I was able to get the holes just right. I did n't want to put the hole in the wrong place and end up having to purchase both fairings because of a hole I made in it.

Bullet - the ones in the picture are for the rear end so u can put it on a stand. There not the ones that go in the fairing on the front. Is that what you were looking for?
I would like to do this one myself also, but the "do it yourself" attitude kicked into my cheapo brain and I have been contemplating making them myself, out of either Alum, Nylon, or Stainless Steel. I have all the resources to make whatever I need myself (re: machine shop at a good friends)

So my question....has anyone done this ? (self made frame sliders)

I was going to order from parts 411 and When I called them they told me that they were back ordered by a few months (this was last week) so good luck. those are the best prices that I found too.

Uh Yeah Bullet, The link you posted is for the SwingArm sliders.  Aren't you after Frame sliders? You know the ones up front you have to cut holes for?:super:
Pimpbike, you got any pictures of your installation? I want to see how yours looks. I am also afraid of cutting a large hole in the fairing for them.
Pimp & Rev,

Thanks fer lookin' out cause I ain't above makin' a mistake. :super: However, when I placed the order I made sure to double check the LP part # against the number for the frame sliders from LP's site with the sales person and I pointed out that the pic was of swingarm sliders and made sure that what I would get would be frame sliders and not swingarm sliders. The part numbers match what is on LP's site for the frame sliders and he assured me that I was getting the sliders that go through the fairings. :cool: Again, tho, thanks fer lookin' out!   :beerchug:
I was going to order from parts 411 and When I called them they told me that they were back ordered by a few months (this was last week) so good luck. those are the best prices that I found too.

Yeah, they've been on backorder according to LP, but the shipment has arrived and dealers that stock them should now have them again. We'll see, I guess. :super:
TP- The only pic I have are the after pic's. I didn't think of taking any as I did them. :eek: Here is what a close up looks like now that there done.

Hey Pimp, You saying you installed those without cutting your fairing? Are the bolts long enough to still properly hold your engine in place with the additional washers?
I still had to cut the fairing but only the size of your finger instead of the whole thing. The washers on one side are only 1/8 or a 1/4 at the most. So there not that far out. As I said in another thread I have stood on both of them to make sure they would work and they held up nicely.

I just had some put on. Would have done it myself but when I had my starter replaced I had him put on the frame sliders for an extra $50...well worth the money to have someone do it that has done it before!