Busa\'s break-in oil...what\'s it called?


Hi all.

I just wanted to find out the kind of oil Suzuki uses when breaking-in a motorcycle, specifically the hayabusa. It's kind of sweet smelling. And is it readily available in bike stores?
Thanks for any info.
That is a stron possibility Barry and one I had not thought of frankly. However the levels of the moly indicated a pretty high level. Meaning it may be part of the package. Without knowing the level of moly in assembly lube and the quantity used it would be difficult to determine which is true unless you could oil from a bike that was never cranked.

I am not sure if the Gixxer and the Busa use a different oil but I doubt it. I just bought a gixxer 00-750 and ran analysis on the oil that came in it. I am doing research for a magazine article and that is the reason I did the testing. By looking at the analysis I could not name the brand but I was suprised to see that it contains MOLY.

Moly is not commonly used in motorcycle oils. Redline full synthetic uses it as does Hondas HP4. I guess they use it in a new engine to reduce friction. Send me a fax number if you want a copy of the test report on it.

The moly constituent is likely from assembly lube (molybdenum disulfide) applied to the cams during initial assembly and probably is not part of the oil blend itself.