I have always believed that when it comes to break-in on a motorcycle, I am going to follow the manufacture instructions by the book. Seeing that I work in engineering at Cometic Gasket, I have always felt that that the engineers that come up with these break-in figures are not just pulling them out of the sky.
Well yesterday I learned different. Talking to some well respected people in the piston industry, I learned that the best thing to do with a brand new bike with nicasil cylinders is to "beat the dog **** out of it right out of the box, this makes horse power and it will not hurt the cylinders, its been proven on the dyno many times."
When I asked why the long break-in on the
ZX-12 I was told "it could be bushings in the crank or some where else that need such a long break in".
Do what you want with your new bike, but with my next new bike I will be red-lining it right out of the box.