Will little or no break in break it?

OB_Utah Rider

I just bought a new 2000 Red/Grey Hayabusa and have put about 140 miles on it so far. I've been concientious about keeping the revs under the recommended 5500 while under 500 miles (takes a lot of will power!). I've read a couple of stories of people taking their bikes to the upper hundreds soon after purchase. I was wondering how much this can damage the engine or affect bike performance. How many of you have actually followed the recommended break in or let her rip right out of the dealer's lot? Is Suzuki being overly cautious in their recommendations or is it good advice to follow their fun...er, rev limiting break in speeds?
..do a serch of the site and you will see a lot on the subject...it seems that you can break it in at full throttle on a dyno, and actually increase the amountof horse power the engine will produce, at the expense of some life span...on the otherhand, it has been said that most street riders are not loading the engine enough to ever break it in...I does not seem likly that you will hurt it much, but I try to use a method some where inbetween...avoid running at a constant speed for too long, vary the rpms as much as you can...start reving it early, but don't use much throttle and rev it only briefly...but if you don't hammer it a bit it won't ever beak in...I ran from about 120 to 150 in the upper gears a lot with a lot of throttle to finish off my break in...fairly safe way to break it in on the street w/o blowing anything or getting killed...I am pretty fast but have as of yet not reached top end...it still seems to be getting stronger...or I'm getting more comfortable with the power...this is the first bike I could not use all the power on...
I have exactly 400 miles with recommended break-in, but next ride it will see triple digits for sure. The manual says that the engine needs to be loaded, and you hardly load it at 5,500 rpms (I don't think I've been past 1/4 throttle). Hapo is right on his reasoning, and I decided to jump to the 8K limit 100 miles early, but not sustained.
I think it should be safe.
Do a search on this topic use Jeffw as a keyword, Jeff offered a lot of wisedom on this subject early summer of 99.

Do not baby her, feed her dino oil and finish her off on a Dyno (not dino).

Start easy and finish hard, the motor is more than you have ever experianced in a civilized street bike, it does 85 in first gear which = Reckless Driving in most states.