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I have got the time off and I would like to come to the busa meet you have got goin. All I need to know is where exactly its gona happen at, when, and how in the hell do I get there?

I plan on leaving the thrusday before the get together so I can take my time to get there and enjoy the sights and I dont plan to leave the area till monday so I can take my time on the way home.

Fill my in on what goin on, keep me up to date and I will be all over it.

Narc. If you would like to go we could meet up and trailer out the busa`s to cali together and split the gas money to get there if your interested. Let me know.

So far it's set for Aug 23, 24, 25. Fri, Sat, and Sun. The plan is to go to the Rock Store on Sun, maybe the Crest on Sat. and we're looking for some night spots to meet at. We should have more info the closer it gets. 9 people have expressed interest.
sounds like this could get good. Where am I gonin to need to stay, what area. Anything special I need to bring other than of course the busa and myself.

Just question I kinda would like to know before its too late, I need to plan this so I can make the arangment with work and make sure I have enough money to get there and back.

I have to meet up with Brennanop and we are going to find the hotel that we all need to stay at. I live in San Diego and will be riding up for the weekend. I went up a few weeks ago and turfed the busa looking around so I will have to give it another try. Email me at raptor00@cox.net and I will give you my home numbers so you can call me.

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I know for sure that LOBUSA and her (real)sister are coming down. Sounds like a few may still come with her. I will be pimping the Labusa's crowd to see what they have going. They live in LA so its no big deal for them. At any rate you will meet me and Brennanop and LObusa. So for sure its 4 and I am sure that we can make the trip worth your while with some really good twisties.
Come on Hank what is the problem! Just get out here! The more the better.

Marc "Howlin Mad" :usa:
You know i wanna be there but it will have to be next year guys. So please take pics & vid for us who cant and maybe capt can post em for us-
Will do Hawaii! Still trying to figure out my digital video camera. I know how to record but no idea how to edit it and send it.

Marc "Howlin Mad" :usa:
West Coast Meet Up!


Has anyone mentioned this dealio to Lamb?

Who can tell me where the original post on this is?

I am so ON for this!
If you're ridin', stop by in Albuquerque and visit us on the way through!


O hell ya! Very close to my neck of the woods. there's a couple other Busa's here I might be able to come too.
i know the 'busa is fast....

but i don't think it can go back in time
Josh if there is anything I can do to help you like searching out a hotel
or something let me know.... I will be more than happy to do what I can for you guys....

Also since this is in my neck of the woods I will try to make it to the Rock Store for the meet...........
Oh, hell no! 2002?

There seems to be enough interest...I think we could do something a little more current...

Anyone else onboard for that?

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(semi @ Jul. 12 2007,19:08) i know the 'busa is fast....

but i don't think it can go back in time
Maybe YOURS can't.