Question for all the uk busa brothers


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I thinkin of takin a vaction to your side of the pond. I was wondering if you could give you advice on when I need to plan my trip and what I should see while Im there. Any input would be put to good use. Just so you know, I plan on traveling alone and I plan to be there for about a week so I will have to time to kill and take in the sights. I want to try and get in as much as possiable but I know Im gona be limited as to what I can see cause Im gona be a tight budget but Im open to just about anything.

and for the big question, is there anyway I could rent a busa while Im there, I know thats probley not gona happen but what the hay, its worth a try right?

thanx guys, any help is good help.

What week ?
or are you here yet ?