Bt 12's


The Watcher
Anyone running the Bridgestone BT12 on their Busa? Looking at getting a set towards end of July and wiyld like to get opinions. Last time we asked nobody was runing them yet. We have a lot of new members now, so maybe.
I just went to Rennsports and I love them. I thought the BT 56's were OK but these rennsports are like glue.

Marc "Howlin Mad"
I am running pirelli dragon evo. They're great. Of course I'm getting o miles out of anything. With 4 thousand miles on the odo, I just mounted my second Pirelli after destroying 2 oe bt56s'. I'm trying the rennsport next. The dragon is sticky, haven't slid an inch. The bt56 was goood too. But they would slide on me a little when pushed to extremes. Any feedback on how many miles you guys are getting out of what would be appreciated. i've used the 207 dunlop on previous bikes and wasn't happy with the traction, so I know better than to put it on the mighty busa. :whip:
How 'bout the Metzeler Sportec M1's? Anyone running them? Also anyone found cheaper tire prices than
Hello 12's nayone have 12's