Anyone tried the bt-016's?


I'm needing new tires and was thinking about goin with the bt-016. They're the tripple compound rear, and dual compound front. Just wondering if anyone has them and if so, what you think? I do a lot of hwy riding and I'm tired of wearin down the center WAY before the rest of the tire is gone.
Thanks for the AWESOME write up vman. You have come through for me yet again. Looks like this the tire for me being as I ride solo 99% of the time. Thanks again for the review!
Keep in mind that I am still close to 300lbs with gear, so some folks will be in this area 2-up. I think I just need to increase the pressure with Brenda on the back.

I am still showing no noticeable wear in the center. I still believe Bridgestone has a winner in this tire.